How to get rid of man boobs

Male breast reduction – Gynecomastia

The Way Breasts Grow


Even a new baby has some basic breast tissue, that commenced to grow as soon as it was a 6-week-old fetus. Prior to puberty, the breasts are the same with girls and boys. They will consist of teeny branching tubes embedded within packing tissue. The glands for making milk haven’t yet formed.

With puberty, hormone degrees start to rise. With females, the principle hormone is actually oestrogen (the ‘female hormone’). Oestrogen would make the tubes thicken, extend and become a lot more branched, and also stimulates the introduction of glandular lobules.   In men, the principle sexual hormone is actually testosterone. This is made primarily in the testicles. The exact level of testosterone increases during puberty to 30 times the particular level it was previously. Men ordinarily have got a small amount of oestrogen; at puberty, it increases to merely three times the level it was before before. This frequently tends to make the breast tissue grow a little bit within adolescent boys.

how to get rid of male breasts

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