How to get rid of man boobs

Male breast reduction – Gynecomastia

Cannabis Gives Man Boobs

Among the UK’s leading physicians says he has observed an enormous rise with how many adult males obtaining chest lessening surgical procedure. Gynaecomastia, typically also known as man boobs or maybe ‘moobs’, is a medical condition that causes muscle inside the upper body area to build as a womans breast. There is generally very little clear cause but doctors state sometimes adult men obtain it as a consequence of hormonal complications within the entire body – possessing far more of the feminine hormone oestrogen in comparison with normal.


Men who are extremely overweight and use drugs including cannabis are also more prone to suffer from it. One particular person explained to Newsbeat: “Whenever I took my T-shirt off I had a proper set of breasts. They were considerable, they were visible from each and every viewpoint. I undoubtedly would have passed for a woman. ‘Hide my chest’ “I would not have gone swimming – not really a likelihood.


Taking a foreign vacation, I could not have taken my top off until I was on my very own. I became extremely self-conscious, really embarrassed. “It seemed to be continually on my thoughts. I would always have my arms folded or perhaps a big jumper on, anything simply to conceal my chest.” Despite the fact that reducing your weight can help, incredibly rarely can it be the remedy!

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